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Jade is a highly valued stone in lithotherapy because of its properties, which include attracting luck and prosperity, both material and spiritual, as well as providing effective protection. The White Jade variant stands out for its additional healing qualities. Wearing a White Jade Bracelet may help you experience these benefits.

De la Pierre Jade for material and spiritual prosperity:
White Jade, as a variation of Jade, is believed to attract luck and opportunities to thrive in your endeavors. Wearing a White Jade Bracelet may also bring a flow of positive energy while warding off negative influences from your path and surroundings. Such an accessory can aid you in achieving a high level of emotional stability, allowing for a better understanding of the spiritual aspects of your life experiences.

Des Vertus curatives, et pas des moindres:
Moreover, a White Jade Bracelet may enhance your health in various ways. White Jade is recognized for its effectiveness in treating kidney insufficiency and facilitating the expulsion of kidney stones. It may also alleviate fever. That’s not all! The bracelet can also offer symptomatic relief for vertigo, and the stone has shown some efficacy in treating eczema and other skin conditions.

Material: White Jade
Manufacturing techniques: Plating
Size: Adjustable